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About Us

Our company Kuğu Turizm Teks. İnş. Gıda San. Ve Tic. Ltdi.Şti. is founded in 1993 and one of the first Turkish companies went to Russia. Our company is providing fully sported logistics services to CIS countries, particularly to RUSSIA since its foundation.

We are aware of the fact that besides the work force, intelligence of Turkish people and our great efforts, we achieved to this point by the opportunities provided by our country since our take off in year 1993.

We believe that the best and most proud response in return would be to succeed to be an organization of global platform not just today but also in the future in addition to the employment and added values we establish as an institution born and developing in these lands.


To be the leader in logistics services with a quality and innovative point of view within the international scales.

Our objective is to offer all the equipment we have in our possession for all the actions within the process from production of all the products we sell to delivery of those to the customers’ addresses, and define our general operation.

All the required technologies, vision and continuity of the day shall be amongst indispensible elements at this point of time. Particularly continuity is one of the basic concepts both in the fields of our customers and ours, thus all the operations should be in that direction, seated on strong foundations.


Achieve solutions in terms of needs within short periods and provide continuous services without compromising quality in all areas of service.

From this point of view, Kugu Logistics combines its honorable and long history with the changes and developments in the world and working with the mission of continuously producing better and higher quality products and services..

Our Quality Policy

Kuğu Logistics adopted the principle of providing quality services that fits customers’ needs and expectations. Reviewing our quality policy continuously based on changes in our customers’ needs and expectations.

Customer Focused: Our objective in all activities is to identify and meet customers’ changing demands in parallel to technology, even go beyond customer demands and achieve unconditional customer satisfaction.

Leadership: Leadership is not implemented by hierarchical title order but by demonstrating “leadership attitude” in out Group organization. Leadership attitude is use of initiative by our personnel in their own fields and continuously improve work results. Our leaders establish our objective and target unity.

Participation of our Employees: Participation of our employees in every level for continuous improvement of processes and service quality is the most important principle of professionalism in our Group. Adoption of our company’s organizational targets by all employees is one the most substantial characteristics of our Group culture.

Process Approach: Our activities and applications are assessed as a whole together with other operations. Each process, inputs, outputs are efficiently observed in terms of efficiency and profitability within the used sources and managed in consideration to the interactions with all other relevant processes.

Management System Approach: Defining and management of conjoint processes as a system as well as achieving the targets contribute to efficiency and productivity of our group activities.

Continuous Improvement: Continuous and systematic improvement is aimed in all our activities, in all main and supporting processes in respect to providing services to our customers. Adoption of continuous improvement of services and processes as the most important objective by our employees is very important in order for our implementations to be successful.

Human Resources Policy

Human resources policy in Kuğu Logistics and Group Company is to create a fair, healthy, secure and respectful working environment conforming to labor law and regulations for the employees and enable growth of company together with the employees.

Language, religion, race, gender, physical handicap discriminations are not acceptable in employment process within the organization.

Required qualifications for the position openings are announced in and out of the company. Anyone is free to make applications for those position openings

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