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Our Services

Kuğu Logistic meets all your needs in respect to complete and partial Land, Air and Marine transportation, customs procedures and logistic
requirements your exports from Turkey to Russia.

  • Customs Clearance
  • Transportation
  • Storage&Distribution
  • Address Deliveries

Customs Clearance

  • Customs Clearance services, informing our customers on their legal liabilities
  • In addition to consultancy services on laws and regulations in respect to customs statutes, providing informative recommendations
  • Finalizing import and export procedures within the shortest time possible, cost advantage
  • Offering services professionally in import, export and transit procedures in free zones


  • We can supply you with any size of vehicle for your collective transportations referred as complete shipment in our business.
  • We can provide you with fast and economical prices for your daily and intense shipments.
  • Shipments requiring round trip,
  • Special shipments to trade fairs and exhibitions.
  • Shipments to and from the Ports;
  • Gives you the opportunity to benefit National Distribution Services experiences.

Storage & Distribution

Since the date we commenced storage and distribution services in 1993, we learned our customers’ priorities and the elements identifying their performance, we offer an operation that enables product storage, stock tracking and reporting and access to those information at any time based on that knowledge.

Address Delivery

  • We offer address delivery services to Russia and CIS countries following customs clearance procedures.
  • Your shipments are collected from your warehouse address.
  • Necessary exit procedures and insurance documents are prepared. Your shipments received from your address are tracked through road conditions until receiver’s address, and delivered.
  • Post-delivery Information;
  • After your shipment is delivered, current delivery information is sent to you by-email.

Russia Export Certificates

  • Russia Gost R Certificate
  • Customs Union Certificate
  • Russia conformity declaration
  • Gost R conformity declaration