About Us

Being founded and having gone into logistics business in 1997, our company offers container transport services by sea all across the world and land transport services to CIS countries. Our company provides the customers with transport, customs clearance, warehouse and certification services, recognizing the importance of quality and time.

Our team that specializes in Russia and Ukraine follows legal amendments and latest laws in order to provide the best consultancy services to our customers. Our goal is to support overall operation of your business by making our equipment available to you throughout the whole process from production to delivery of the goods to your customers.

From this point of view, the technology, vision and continuity required in this day and age are our indispensable assets. Especially, as continuity is one of the fundamental concepts of our sector as well as the sectors of our customers, our operations must be in line with this value and well-founded while being flexible enough to adapt to innovations.

To provide sustainable services without compromising our sense of quality and create timely solutions considering the needs of our customers. Based on this mission, Kugu Logistics combines its reputable and long history with global changes and developments and works to offer better and higher quality products and services.

Our Quality Policy

Customer-Oriented Approach

We aim to identify and meet the needs of our customers as they change in line with the advancing technology and to achieve unconditional customer satisfaction by going beyond the requests of our customers.


Leadership does not come with a title at higher levels of the business hierarchy but earned by demonstrating “leadership behavior”. Leadership behavior is the ability to take initiative and ensure continuous improvement of business results. Our leaders align our purposes with our goals.

Employee Participation

Our most important principle of professionalism is to achieve participation of our employees at all levels in continuous improvement of processes and service quality. One of the most important characteristics of our corporate culture is that all our employees adopt our corporate goals as their own.


Process Approach

Our activities and practices are evaluated as a whole with other related operations. Each process is monitored in terms of inputs, outputs and allocated resources in line with efficiency and profitability and managed by considering the interactions with other related processes.

Management System Approach

Identifying and managing interrelated processes as a system as well as achieving our goals contribute to efficiency and effectiveness of our business activities.

Continuous Improvement

We strive for continuous and systematic improvement of all main and supporting processes for offering services to our customers. Having employees who target continuous improvement of our services and processes is key to succeed in business.