Being aware of the value of time in export, we adopt the principle of providing the most affordable services of best quality to our customers in CIS countries.

Our company exercises due diligence to deliver consigned goods to their destinations as fast and reliable as possible. Teamwork between our experienced and competent field personnel and expert office support team is one of the main factors that achieve momentum and reliability in our business activities. We determine the best route from point A to point B, considering the weather, traffic, natural and artificial changes on conditions in line with our mathematical and practical experiences. Any spontaneous issues that our vehicles may encounter enroute are resolved by our office personnel. We prevent interruption of transport by determining alternative routes if necessary.

Our drivers are trained and experienced on and diligent in abiding by driving laws of the states enroute. They are kept updated about ever-changing and developed laws and rules. Their only goal is to deliver the goods to our valuable customers without acting against applicable driving rules.